January 2019


Dear Friends,

 A very Happy, healthy, peaceful and blessed New Year to you and those you love. We begin a New Year with hope and a sense of the unknown, even if it is wondering how something we know will be happening, turns out in the end.

 Whatever will happen with and for us during 2019, there is a certainty (as things stand at the moment!) that as a Nation, we will be leaving the European Union at the end of March. I know that there is great speculation in the political press about extensions, the possibility of a public vote etc, which all adds to a feeling of uncertainty and a degree of apprehension. If we have not learnt anything else during the last few months of wrangling, we are clear that there are different views about what Brexit really means and what people want from it.

 Whatever our politics, and indeed how we voted in the Referendum, I think we will all be agreed, that we need to pull together and make Brexit work once we leave, even if there might be more turbulence ahead. We need to make sure that the vulnerable in our society are cared for, that those from other Nations who will continue to live in the UK, post Brexit, are reassured of welcome and a continued sense of belonging, and that we work together for a stable Government and continuity in the things we value.

 We perhaps feel fed up with anything to do with Brexit, having heard endless debates, arguments and disagreements, but we have to get to the point where we can say that the end of the beginning has been reached and we can work to begin to shape just what will begin. It isn't going to be easy and there may well be some difficult days ahead, but as we enter a New Year, God's blessing is with us and our commitment is to ensure that His desire for justice, truth and peace is at the heart of our work, thought, relationships and dealings with our neighbour. Trust in the Lord to provide and guide throughout the coming year.

With love and prayers

Canon Tony