Mission and Ministry Area

Since 2003 Church leaders in Derby Diocese have been working together to realise a vision for revitalising the way in which churches serve communities throughout Derbyshire. The Renewing Ministry proposals asked churches to work in partnership to serve groups of parishes called Mission and Ministry Areas or MMAs.

The MMA of which Bakewell Parish Church is a member consists of 18 churches. It was inaugurated on Pentecost Sunday 2008 during which the Bishop of Repton commissioned the Revd Tony Kaunhoven as the MMA Area Vicar, in addition to his existing responsibilities as Vicar of Bakewell and Over Haddon, Ashford in the Water, Sheldon and Rowsley.

Representatives from all of the member churches serve on an Area Council. Tony's role is to oversee the life of the MMA, inspiring and enabling the churches to explore a vision for working together. The MMA Council is both a think tank and a planning and co-ordinating group, helping to oversee the vision for the delivery of ministry and the support for each church's ministry and mission.

The MMA is organic, rather than imposed. Perhaps for a while some people will be unaware that they are part of such a thing! This may be no bad thing: it has more chance of succeeding if it adapts to what is needed. And it cherishes the different practices and traditions of the eighteen church communities that make it up.

The MMA exists to support and help the churches individually and collectively to thrive and grow in promoting the Gospel - the Gospel that enables us to live with delight, and encourages us to do all we can to enable everyone else to do likewise.

Prayer for Renewing Ministry

Gracious Father,
by your holy and life-giving Spirit
open our eyes to your vision,
and strengthen our commitment to your service;
that the ministry of your Church may be renewed
and its mission be made more effective,
to the glory of your Son
Jesus Christ.

Map of the Benefice and MMA

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